MyData 2017 Conference 20.8.-1.9.2017: Population Register Centre of Finland works for more transparent digital world


Population Register Centre of Finland works with the MyData 2017 Conference as the Main Partner. It is a forum for stakeholders to share not only ideas and theories, but concrete benchmarks and best practices in infrastructure, in legislation, and in business solutions.

This year the conference is held in two countries, Finland and Estonia. The latter acts as President of the Council of the EU in 2017. Finland and Estonia are known as pioneers in digital innovation and infrastructure. Together we are working on joint solutions and services, such as data transfer between our countries using the X-Road technology. “Collaboration is the key, not just between between government organizations but internationally as well”, Janne Viskari, Director of Digital Services at Population Register Centre, says.

Public data registers have huge potential from a MyData perspective. Unfortunately, that data is currently kept hidden in the information systems of every public organization. Individual citizens have no power to consent to share their own data with third parties. Data does not travel smoothly between public organizations – often it does not travel at all.

Population Register Centre of Finland is currently building a number of services that will provide both public and private organizations with the tools to digitalise their services. The Suomi.fi service platform aims to make supply meet with demand when it comes to intelligent IT infrastructure. Moreover, the Population Register Centre is working closely with the Ministry of Finance on a MyData-inspired pilot project. We are seeking ways to incorporate the idea of consent and the necessary mechanisms into our services, in tandem with a number of stakeholders, both public and private. “In order to make data move freely between organizations, both public and private, we must give the individual citizen the power to authorize the use of his or her data”, Viskari says.



Population Register Centre, Janne Viskari, Director, Digital Services, tel. +358 295 535 022, firstname.lastname[at]vrk.fi

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0295 535 001http://www.vrk.fi

The Population Register Centre implements the National Architecture for Digital Services in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance. The task of the agency is to promote digital society by providing and developing support services for citizens and public administration. In addition, the Population Register Centre is the data controller for the Population Information System together with the local register offices. The agency maintains and develops the Population Information System, its data and data quality as well as certified electronic services. The Population Register Centre offers information services and certificate services from the Population Information System. It also performs duties related to elections. www.vrk.fi

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