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O-RAN ALLIANCE Events and Demos at MWC Barcelona Showcasing O-RAN Ecosystem Progress


Join us for O-RAN ALLIANCE Ecosystem Briefing, February 28, 2023 at MWC Barcelona

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O-RAN ALLIANCE plans to hold its next industry event on Tuesday, February 28, 2023 from 15:30-16:30 CET at the Deutsche Telekom booth (Hall 3, Stand 3M31). The event will include:

  • An update on O-RAN’s progress and future directions by
    • Alex Jinsung Choi, Chair of the Board of O-RAN ALLIANCE and SVP Group Technology at Deutsche Telekom
    • Stefan Engel-Flechsig, O-RAN ALLIANCE COO
  • Views on important areas supporting widespread adoption of open RAN, featuring leading operators from Asia, Europe and the Americas:
    • Open RAN testing and integration – by Chih-Lin I, Chief Scientist from China Mobile and Co-chair of O-RAN Technical Steering Committee
    • Open RAN security – by Claire Chauvin, Strategy Architecture and Standardization Director at Orange
    • Open software for the RAN – by Rob Soni, VP RAN Technology at AT&T Services
  • Industry panel discussions on open RAN regional development, trials, deployments and open RAN security, featuring:
    • Petr Ledl, VP Network Trials and Integration Lab, Deutsche Telekom
    • Greg Manganello, Senior Vice President and Vice Head of the 5G Mobile Systems Business Unit, Fujitsu
    • Gerardo Giaretta, Vice President, Product Management, Qualcomm Technologies
    • Nicola Marziliano, VP International Telco Sales, Wind River
    • Ray Le Maistre, Editorial Director at Telecom TV as the moderator
  • Industry panel discussions on O-RAN ecosystem maturity and energy efficiency, featuring:
    • Sidd Chenumolu, Vice President of Technology Development at DISH Wireless
    • John Baker, Senior Vice President of Ecosystem Business Development, Mavenir
    • Masafumi Masuda, General Manager of RAN Development, NTT DOCOMO
    • Francisco Martin, Head of OPEN RAN at Vodafone Group Services
    • Ray Le Maistre, Editorial Director at Telecom TV as the moderator

Follow our website for further updates or to watch live stream from the event.

O-RAN ALLIANCE participation at the “Open RAN – The Debate” session at MWC23

Alex Jinsung Choi, Chair of the Board of O-RAN ALLIANCE, will appear at the “Open RAN – The Debate” session part of the MWC Barcelona conference stream. This event is scheduled on Monday, February 27, 2023, 16:15-17:00 CET on MWC Stage A, Hall 6. The panel discussion will focus on opportunities and challenges associated with disaggregation of Radio Access Networks and their widespread adoption. Different aspects are to be debated, like system integration, security, industry roles and responsibilities, CAPEX/OPEX savings or sustainability.

65 demonstrations of O-RAN technology and solutions at MWC23 showcasing the O-RAN ecosystem progress

58 O-RAN ALLIANCE members and participants plan to present 65 demonstrations of their O-RAN-based technology and solutions at MWC Barcelona or the O-RAN Virtual Exhibition, and welcome visitors to join their booths.

O-RAN ALLIANCE prepared an interactive map for easy navigation to booths showcasing O-RAN demos at MWC exhibition.

O-RAN ALLIANCE is proud to recognize below listed companies and institutions showcasing the latest set of O-RAN demos.

For details about all demos, please read our recent web announcement.

Intelligent RAN demonstrations

Demo Title

Participating O-RAN Companies

Demo Location

AI Enabled Energy Savings in Open RAN

Capgemini, Intel

Capgemini Engineering, Hall 2, Stand 2B90

Unlocking the power of Location Intelligence in O-RAN

Capgemini, VIAVI Solutions

Capgemini Engineering, Hall 2, Stand 2B90

Rach Index Optimization (RSI) for improving user experience performance

Capgemini, PiWorks

Capgemini Engineering, Hall 2, Stand 2B90

O-RAN Prototype Development & Testing

China Mobile

O-RAN Virtual Exhibition

Intelligent Private 5G Solution Based on Near-RT RIC

China Mobile, H3C

O-RAN Virtual Exhibition

General Design and Test of xApp

China Mobile, Purple Mountain Laboratories

O-RAN Virtual Exhibition

CovMo™ - Cloud Native O-RAN Geolocation and Mobility Intelligence Solution


Taiwan Pavilion, Hall 5, Stand 5A61

Bouncer xApp which is also called RIC Benchmarking xApp

HCL Technologies

O-RAN Virtual Exhibition

HCL ANA cRIC/SMO: R1+ Framework and O1 Southbound Interface

HCL Technologies

HCL, Hall 2, Stand 2E19


Industrial Technology Research Institute

O-RAN Virtual Exhibition

Real Deployment of 5G-ORAN based End-to-End Solutions with Flexible and Reliable Networks


Trend Micro & CTOne, Hotel Fira Congress, B1F

O-RAN Service Management and Orchestration

Juniper Networks

Juniper Networks, Hall 2, Stand 2D12

Juniper RIC Energy Savings Use Cases

Juniper Networks

Juniper Networks, Hall 2, Stand 2D12

Load Balancing with Anticipatory Load Detection by Deep Learning Prediction


O-RAN Virtual Exhibition

LITEON empower your private 5G era


LITEON, Hall 5, Stand 5I20

Indoor and Outdoor Positioning over O-RAN Private Network

National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University (NYCU)

O-RAN Virtual Exhibition

AI-driven Intent-based Optimization for Open RAN Neutral Host

Northeastern University, Institute for the Wireless Internet of Things (WIoT)

O-RAN Virtual Exhibition

RAN monitoring and control through O-RAN xApps

Reply SpA

O-RAN Virtual Exhibition

Policy-controlled QoS-based Resource Allocation xApp (QRA-xApp) from Rimedo Labs with ONF's SD-RAN RIC

Rimedo Labs, ONF

O-RAN Virtual Exhibition

vRAN O-Cloud management for x/rApps

University of Málaga

O-RAN Virtual Exhibition

Introducing VMware Energy Savings rApp


VMware, Hall 3, Stand 3M11

Dynamic RAN Slice Resource Allocation for SLA Assurance

VMware, Intel

VMware, Hall 3, Stand 3M11

Dynamic power management to achieve energy savings in multi-vendor Open RAN systems

Vodafone, Intel, Keysight Technologies, Radisys, Wind River

Vodafone, Hall 3 Stand 3E11

O-RAN RIC Admission Control and Traffic Steering Use Cases

Vodafone, Juniper Networks, Parallel Wireless

Juniper Networks, Hall 2, Stand 2D12

Open RAN demonstrations

Demo Title

Participating O-RAN Companies

Demo Location

O-RAN Architecture Implementation Demonstration

5G WIN, Parallel Wireless

RunEL NGMT, Hall 8.1, Stand 8.1B62.1

O-RAN orchestration on O-Cloud Optimized for hybrid environments

Aarna Networks, Red Hat, VoerEir

Red Hat, Hall 2, Stand 2F30

Open RU Display Wall

Analog Devices

Analog Devices, Hall 2, Stand 2B18

End-to-End call with Analog Devices Radio Unit Platform and Radisys DU, CU stack

Analog Devices

Analog Devices, Hall 2, Stand 2B18

Delivering More Sustainable Networks

Analog Devices

Analog Devices, Hall 2, Stand 2B18

All ASIC OpenRAN Massive MIMO Reference Design

Analog Devices

Analog Devices, Hall 2, Stand 2B18

mmWave Reference Platform with Next Gen Integration, Efficiency

Analog Devices

Analog Devices, Hall 2, Stand 2B18

O-RU Fronthaul Conformance Tests with Analog Devices, Viavi Solutions and Rohde & Schwarz

Analog Devices, Rohde & Schwarz, VIAVI Solutions

Analog Devices, Hall 2, Stand 2B18

Open RAN Fronthaul Test Solution


Anritsu, Hall 5, Stand 5D41

Arm-based scalable Private 5G Network with Benetel RUs

Arm, Benetel, Red Hat

Arm, Hall 2, Stand 2I60

ArrayComm 5G O-RAN Demo large uplink enhancement per DU


ArrayComm, Hall 5, Stand 5F21

gNB End-to-End Demo for Muti-cells & Large Connectivity Users


ArrayComm, Hall 5, Stand 5F21

Hyperconverged AI-on-5G Solution

ArrayComm, NVIDIA

ArrayComm, Hall 5, Stand 5F21

Introduction of Artiza Networks' Load and Stress Test Solution DuoSIM-5G

Artiza Networks

Artiza Networks, Hall 7, Stand 7B12

Azcom 5G O-RAN Radio Unit Reference design and IP Modules

Azcom Technology

Azcom Technology, Hall 5, Stand 5J54

Orchestration and management of RAN elements using SMO over O1 interface

Capgemini Engineering, Aarna Networks

Capgemini Engineering, Hall 2, Stand 2B90

Comba’s Industry’s first to support the NB-IoT and LTE-M in Open RAN Radio Unit

Comba Telecom

Comba, Hall 2, Stand 2F35

Active-Passive integrated antennas for O-RAN


CommScope, Hall 2, 2F40

Dynamic resource scaling designed to achieve energy savings for Open RAN systems

Deutsche Telekom, Keysight Technologies, Radisys

Radisys, Hall 5, Stand 5B81
Keysight Technologies, Hall 5, Stand 5E12

The Application of Security in an O-RAN Environment


Fortinet, Hall 5, Stand 5C13

AI Enabled High Performance Virtual CU/DU

Fujitsu, NVIDIA

Fujitsu, Hall 4, Stand 4E20

Zero-touch provisioning (ZTP) of Small cells and CN for NPN 5G using ORAN SMO and Automation

HFCL, Aarna Networks

My5G, a full solution of Private 5G


HFR, Hall 2, Stand 2B72

Intel N6000 an Accelerated Virtual Cell Site Router & mMIMO Radio


Intel, Hall 3​, Stand 3E31

Radio conformity and product safety certifications of LIONS' O-RAN solution

LIONS Technology

O-RAN Virtual Exhibition

MiTAC 5G End to End O-RAN Solution

MiTAC Computing Technology

O-RAN Virtual Exhibition

GPU Accelerated 5G Virtual RAN with NVIDIA Aerial SDK and OAI


O-RAN Virtual Exhibition

Picocom demonstrates O-RAN 7.2 end to end demo with O-DU with PC802 ORANIC in-line accelerator and PC802 based O-Rus

Picocom, Radisys

Picocom, Hall 5, Stand 5I32

REIGN CORE – E2E demonstration of portable 5G private network


HTC, Hall 7, Stand 7A40

Cyber-assessment framework designed for security and resilience testing of Open RAN systems

Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD), Keysight Technologies, Quanta Cloud Technology

Quanta Cloud Technology, Hall 5, Stand 5E21
Keysight Technologies, Hall 5, Booth 5E12

Spirent O-RU Wrap-around Solution including Live Video Teleconference with a Real Commercial Device

Spirent Communications

Spirent, Hall 2, Meeting rooms 2.1C11Ex, 2.1C13Ex, 2.1C15Ex

Spirent O-RAN O-DU Wrap-around Test Solution

Spirent Communications

Spirent, Hall 2, Meeting rooms 2.1C11Ex, 2.1C13Ex, 2.1C15Ex

O-RAN End-to-End Test Solution

Spirent Communications

Spirent, Hall 2, Meeting rooms 2.1C11Ex, 2.1C13Ex, 2.1C15Ex

O-RAN Fronthaul Transport Validation

Telefonica, Juniper Networks, Keysight Technologies

O-RAN Virtual Exhibition

Testing the O-DU/O-CU combination with the TMLite

VIAVI Solutions, AMD

O-RAN Virtual Exhibition

Viettel 5G NR O-RAN Massive MIMO 32T32R

Viettel High Technologies

Viettel Group, Hall 4, Stand 4E30

Viettel 5G Macro gNodeB 8T8R Solutions

Viettel High Technologies

O-RAN Virtual Exhibition

Viettel O-RAN IP/UDP

Viettel High Technologies

O-RAN Virtual Exhibition

Build Open-Source O-Cloud Compliant to O-RAN O2 Interfaces Specifications

Wind River

Wind River, Hall 2, Stand 2F25

WNC’s 5G E2E O-RAN Solution

Wistron NeWeb Corp.

Wistron NeWeb Corp., Hall 2, Stand 2A18MR

Wiwynn 5G RAN solution for the whole network


Taiwan Pavilion, Hall 5, Stand 5A61


The O-RAN ALLIANCE is a worldwide community of more than 300 mobile operators, vendors, and research & academic institutions operating in the Radio Access Network (RAN) industry. As the RAN is an essential part of any mobile network, the O-RAN ALLIANCE’s mission is to re-shape the industry towards more intelligent, open, virtualized and fully interoperable mobile networks. The new O-RAN specifications enable a more competitive and vibrant RAN supplier ecosystem with faster innovation to improve user experience. O-RAN-based mobile networks at the same time improve the efficiency of RAN deployments as well as operations by mobile operators. To achieve this, the O-RAN ALLIANCE publishes new RAN specifications, releases open software for the RAN, and supports its members in integration and testing of their implementations.

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