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P&G Joins TerraCycle’s Loop – an Environmentally Friendly and Convenient E-Shopping Platform – With 11 Household Brands


The Procter & Gamble Company (NYSE:PG) today announced the introduction of reusable, refillable packaging on some of its most popular products as part of a new effort that aims to change the world’s reliance on single use packaging and disposable waste. Additionally, new “collect and recycle” circular solutions that help eliminate waste were also introduced as part of a partnership with LoopTM, a circular e-commerce platform developed by international recycling leader TerraCycle. Many of P&G’s largest global brands, including PanteneTM, TideTM, CascadeTM and Oral-BTM will participate in this innovative platform later this year.

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Pantene is introducing a unique bottle made with lightweight, durable aluminum for its shampoo and c ...

Pantene is introducing a unique bottle made with lightweight, durable aluminum for its shampoo and conditioner. (Photo: Business Wire)

Loop is a first of its kind global packaging and shopping circular solution which aims to improve the environmental performance and convenience standards compared to current e-commerce solutions through packaging that is collected, cleaned, refilled and reused. Loop also offers the option to collect used products from consumers’ doorsteps for further recycling or reuse. P&G was the first consumer products company to join Loop.

Announced at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland, this partnership further advances P&G’s Ambition 2030 sustainability goals and the Company’s ongoing commitment to turning sustainable intentions into positive everyday actions.

P&G scientists and engineers have developed innovative manufacturing, packaging and distribution solutions that will delight consumers and make sustainable living easy for participating consumers. Eleven P&G brands will be available in Loop in one of three formats. The Loop system will be validated and optimized through real in-market learning experiments beginning in mid-2019 in New York and Paris.

Durable Packaging

Household favorites such as Pantene, Tide, Cascade and CrestTM have designed new durable and refillable packaging, featuring luxurious containers with new features and functionalities.

  • Pantene is introducing a unique bottle made with lightweight, durable aluminum for its shampoo and conditioner.
  • Tide, America’s #1 laundry detergent, is participating in Loop with its Tide purclean plant-based laundry detergent in a new durable bottle made from stainless steel with a simple twist-cap and easy pour spout.
  • Cascade, continually looking for ways to make the dish cleaning experience better and environmentally friendly, has developed a new ultra-durable packaging for Cascade ActionPacs which enable consumers to skip the prewash.
  • Crest is driving sustainability in Oral Care through new Crest Platinum mouthwash, a unique formula that delivers fresh breath and stain prevention in a sustainable, refillable glass bottle.
  • Ariel TM and Febreze TM are participating with durable, refillable packaging that is also available in stores, testing a new direct-to-consumer refill and reuse model.

Recycling Products Refills

  • Oral-B, the innovation leader in Oral Care for more than 50 years will test circular solutions for both its electric rechargeable and manual toothbrushes. Oral-B CLIC, a new iconic design for manual toothbrushes features a durable handle equipped with a unique mechanism that allows consumers to only exchange the brush head. The Loop platform will recycle used brush heads for both manual and electrical brushes.
  • Gillette TM and Venus TM will provide premium travel packs as durable packaging that the consumer will keep in addition to the handle. The used parts and blades from these grooming products will be collected from consumers for further recycling by TerraCycle.

Recycling Used Hygienic Products

  • Pampers TM and Always TM will test collecting used hygiene products from consumer homes for further recycling using ground-breaking proprietary technology developed by Fater, a P&G and Angelini Group Joint Venture. The technology turns used absorbent hygiene products into secondary raw materials for higher value applications.

“We are building on more than 180 years of innovation and world-class consumer insight to enable responsible consumption at scale,” said Virginie Helias, P&G’s Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer. “We’re proud to partner with TerraCycle as the first CPG company to be part of this transformative program, which is just one of the many ways we are delivering on our Ambition 2030 goals to accelerate sustainable innovation and drive circular solutions.

“The time to act is now. We are passionate about harnessing the power of our global reach and the strength of our trusted global brands to scale-up more sustainable solutions. Transformative partnerships are key to achieve this mission as no one can succeed alone,” she continued.

“We are happy to partner with P&G and other global brands, retailers, infrastructure companies, and the World Economic Forum to create a new way to more responsibly consume products,” said TerraCycle CEO Tom Szaky. “Loop aims to not just eliminate the idea of packaging waste but greatly improve the product experience and the convenience in how we shop. Through Loop, consumers will be able to responsibly consume products in specially-designed durable, reusable or fully recyclable packaging. Through the power and reach of trusted brands such as those of P&G we will be able to change consumers' habits and achieve the scale required for the model to achieve its objectives.”

How Loop Works

  • SHOP: Consumers will go to the Loop website or Loop partner retailer’s websites and shop for trusted brands now redesigned to be packaging waste-free.
  • RECEIVE: Consumers receive their durable products in Loop’s exclusively designed state-of-the-art shipping tote that eliminates the need for single-use shipping materials like cardboard boxes.
  • ENJOY: Consumers experience elegance and convenience all while eliminating the idea of throw-away packaging waste.
  • PICK-UP: There is no need to clean and dispose of the package; as consumers finish their products, they place the empty package into one of their Loop Totes. Loop will pick-up directly from their home.
  • CLEAN: Loop’s team of scientists has developed custom cleaning technologies so that each product may be safely reused.
  • REFILL, RECYCLE OR REUSE: Loop promptly replenishes products as needed and returns the refilled shipping totes to the consumer. If there is recoverable used product such as diapers, pads, razors or brush parts, they will be recovered to be reused or recycled.

P&G Products Available via Loop

Our goal is to give more women more Great Hair Days and we are continuously innovating and improving the quality of our products and packages. This important solution can help eliminate packaging waste all together with a shampoo and conditioner bottle that commemorate our love for the oceans and environment. We are partnering with TerraCycle Loop to help move away from disposable plastic bottles to durable bottles and supply chains with refilling systems, where the waste is never created. These unique bottles, made with light but durable aluminum, is designed to be cleaned, refilled and reused as part of the Loop system and is consistent with our overall ambition and our aim to be at the forefront of the industry.
We know clean matters – to you, your family and our planet, that’s why we created Tide purclean: the first plant-based laundry detergent with the cleaning power of Tide. This new Tide purclean bottle is made from stainless steel, with a simple durable twist-cap and easy pour spout. When you’re out of detergent, simply put the refillable bottle in your Loop tote, and it will be cleaned, refilled and ready to be used again. Formulated for your whole family, Tide purclean is formulated without dyes and is gentle on sensitive skin. The formula is made at a site that purchases renewable wind power electricity and sends zero manufacturing waste to landfill, making Tide purclean a planet-conscious choice that’s designed with our future in mind. Lighten the load with Tide purclean.
Cascade® is continually looking for ways to make your experience better and to ensure that it’s environmentally friendly with our new ultra-durable packaging. When you’re out of Cascade ActionPacs™, simply put the refillable bottle in your Loop tote, and it will be cleaned, sterilized, refilled and ready to be used again. Cascade Platinum ActionPacs™ clean 24-hour stuck-on food so well, they enable consumers to skip the pre-wash. This can save up to 15 gallons of water per dishwasher load. And, when multiplied by all dishwasher users that pre-wash, this can save up to 150 billion gallons of water each year in the United States alone.
Crest is leading the way to a more sustainable innovation for mouthwash. Crest Platinum’s alcohol, peroxide and paraben free formula freshens your breath and helps protect your teeth from stains. Crest Platinum will be available in a beautiful, refillable glass bottle topped with a stainless-steel cap and protected by a silicone sleeve. Replenishment right to consumers’ doors means lugging around heavy mouthwash bottles can be a thing of the past. Now that’s something to smile about.
We know impeccable clean in the most compacted form matters – to you, your family and our planet, that’s why we created Ariel Pods, our most innovative detergent for an impeccable clean. We are now offering a durable Ariel Pods’ family pack you can use again and again. When you’re out of detergent, simply put the refillable pack in your Loop tote, and it will be cleaned, sterilized, refilled and ready to be used again. No more carrying detergent home from the store, and no more packaging to discard once the laundry is done. You can use Ariel 3in1 Pods even at low temperatures and get Ariel’s impeccable clean. Made in France at a site that purchases renewable wind power electricity and sends zero manufacturing waste to landfill, Ariel Pods also contain 70% less water in the formula vs. Ariel liquid detergent and are designed with our future in mind.

.Always keep out of reach of children.


Showcasing its continuous commitment to the care for the environment, Febreze makes its latest innovation called Febreze ONE in the US and Zero% in Europe available also via Loop platform as it comes in packaging that is reusable and recyclable. Febreze ONE/Zero% with no propellant and no heavy perfumes can be used both on air & textile (fabric). With its water based formula (90%) and a patented technology, using Cyclodextrin, an ingredient derived from corn starch that traps odors, it doesn’t just mask odors but neutralizes them and eliminates them from the air. Febreze is already part of the TerraCycle recycling program that has recycled more than 1,000,000 pieces of Febreze packaging from landfill around the world.

*Source: Internet survey, October 2017 France and United Kingdom, showing 63% of 221 respondents

Oral-B, the innovation leader in Oral-Care for over 50 years will test circular solutions for both its electric rechargeable and manual toothbrushes. It enters Loop with a breakthrough re-invention of the manual-toothbrush category: Oral-B CLIC, a new iconic design that reduces plastic waste through a durable handle made out of a unique composite material, largely based on premium minerals and equipped with the unique ClicFit™ mechanism that allows consumers to only exchange the brush head. The Loop platform will in parallel recycle used brush heads for both manual and electrical brushes.
For more than 115 years, Gillette has delivered precision technology and unrivalled product performance – improving the lives of over 800 million men around the world. On Gillette Fusion5™ ProShield razor, we will offer a premium razor travel case in place of our traditional packaging, which consumers will be able to keep in addition to their handle. One razor blade refill equals up to one month of shaves, and once guys are ready for new blades, they can return them in their Loop tote to be recycled.
Gillette Venus

Gillette Venus, the world’s number 1 shaving brand for women takes another step that takes Gillette Venus towards the brand’s vision of 100% recyclable or reusable packaging as well as durable and sustainable product solutions that delight women across the world. Gillette Venus is encouraging the use of durable razor handles and blade supply chains with built-in recycling systems. Introducing our latest innovation – the Venus Platinum Extra Smooth razor. It features the first Venus metal handle, ergonomically designed to boost control during shaving and ensure durability for a long-lasting use in every woman’s beauty routine. The cartridges are made with 5 high-quality blades delivered in a reusable metal tin. When they are ready to be changed, the blades can simply be put in the Loop tote, and Loop will collect and recycle them, while women can order new ones.

Pampers and Always
Pampers and Always are committed to environmental sustainability and we believe we have a role to play in reducing plastic waste and contributing to a circular economy. We are pioneering a best in class recycling program of hygiene products, including Baby diapers and Feminine Hygiene pads and liners, to give used products a new life. Pampers and Always are the world’s first absorbent hygiene brands that use Fater’s new advanced technology to recycle diapers to higher value applications. Fater is a joint venture of P&G and Angelini and make Pampers and Always in Italy. Within Loop, we will test for the first time this technology with selected consumers in France. A durable and reusable bin for AHPs will be shipped to your doorstep containing Pampers and Always products. The bin has been specifically designed to serve multiple functions - hermetically sealed and with carbon filter to obstruct odor, easy to manipulate with a swivel top for convenience, and aesthetically designed to fit into any home. Simply put your used diapers and pads in. When your bin is full, you can request a pick up so that your bin gets cleaned, sterilized and shipped back to you with new Pampers and Always products. Your used absorbent hygiene products will be directed to recycling facilities for processing.

About Procter & Gamble

P&G serves consumers around the world with one of the strongest portfolios of trusted, quality, leadership brands, including Always®, Ambi Pur®, Ariel®, Bounty®, Charmin®, Crest®, Dawn®, Downy®, Fairy®, Febreze®, Gain®, Gillette®, Head & Shoulders®, Lenor®, Olay®, Oral-B®, Pampers®, Pantene®, SK-II®, Tide®, Vicks®, and Whisper®. The P&G community includes operations in approximately 70 countries worldwide. Please visit for the latest news and information about P&G and its brands.

About TerraCycle

TerraCycle is an innovative waste management company with a mission to eliminate the idea of waste®. Operating nationally across 21 countries, TerraCycle partners with leading consumer product companies, retailers, cities, and facilities to recycle products and packages, from dirty diapers to cigarette butts, that would otherwise end up being landfilled or incinerated. In addition, TerraCycle works with leading consumer product companies to integrate hard to recycle waste streams, such as ocean plastic, into their products and packaging. TerraCycle has won over 200 awards for sustainability and has donated over $25 million to schools and charities since its founding 15 years ago. To learn more about TerraCycle or get involved in its recycling programs, please visit

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