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Premico’s third residential fund acquires a residential apartment building built by Lujatalo

Lujatalo and Premico have signed an agreement in which Premico's third housing fund acquires a residential apartment building built by Lujatalo in Espoo's Holmanpuisto area. The A energy class building meets EU taxonomy criteria and a LEED certificate will be applied for.
Artist's vision and sketch of the project
Artist's vision and sketch of the project

The new Holmanpuisto area has been built between 2017 and 2022 in the vicinity of the services of Espoo Central Park and Iso Omena shopping centre. Lujatalo has been one of the major builders in the area, constructing a total of 11 apartment buildings and nearly 500 apartments. Asunto Oy Espoon Feeniks is Premico and Lujatalo's second joint housing development project in the Holmanpuisto area. The six-storey Asunto Oy Espoon Feeniks will have 42 apartments, which are mainly studios, one bedroomed and two bedroomed apartments, with an average area of 47 square meters. The completion rate of the project was approximately 90% at the end of 2022 and the site will be completed in the first quarter of 2023. Premico will start the property leasing process in early 2023.

- Our long-term cooperation with Premico was useful in this project as we were able to take Premico's goals into account during construction and look for solutions to ensure their fulfillment, says Head of Department Tero Saanisto from Lujatalo.

The goal of Premico's third housing fund, Premico Residential Fund III, is to build approximately 1,700 new residential apartments by 2025, mainly in the capital region. The fund is committed to the carbon neutrality of its residential properties in terms of energy use during operation, and also to reducing the carbon footprint during the construction phase of the properties. All the developments in the fund will have energy efficiency class A, a BREEAM or a LEED certificate and they will comply with the new construction criteria of the EU taxonomy.

In the case of Espoon Feeniks, the fulfillment of the EU taxonomy requirements were ensured by an evaluation through an external party. - The project achieved all six environmental goals of the EU taxonomy and thus it was assessed as taxonomically approved and consistent with the taxonomy by Ramboll Oy, says Janne Sihvonen, Director of Design at Lujatalo.

The Holmanpuisto area is an effective example in the utilization of energy-saving solutions. In the development and planning of the projects, energy-saving solutions have been utilized as efficiently as possible. Lujatalo has also signed the Rakentamisen muovit (plastics in the building process) green deal agreement, in which it commits to e.g. promoting the sorting and recycling of plastics at construction sites.

- Asunto Oy Espoon Feeniks is the pilot project of our third housing fund and will perfectly meet the criteria for minimizing the environmental impact we have defined for the fund's properties. We are very satisfied with our long-term cooperation with Lujatalo. Lujatalo’s environmentally responsible construction process especially supports our cooperation, says Samuel Tuomola, CIO of Premico.



Samuel Tuomola
Investointijohtaja, Premico
050 566 6111

Tero Saanisto
Toimialajohtaja, Lujatalo Oy
044 585 2092

Janne Sihvonen
Suunnittelujohtaja, Lujatalo Oy
044 585 2899


Artist's vision and sketch of the project
Artist's vision and sketch of the project

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Premico is a real estate investment, development and management company specializing in residential assets with an emphasis on decarbonizing the residential sector and constructing affordable multifamily properties ensuring comfortable housing for all. The company has two business segments: private equity funds investing into residential assets, and a service business comprising asset management services, real estate development, construction project management and property management together with leasing services.

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