President of the Republic of Finland, Mr. Sauli Niinistö’s speech to the new Government, 6 June 2019


Esteemed Prime Minister, distinguished Members of Government,

I congratulate you, Prime Minister, on the confidence that Parliament has placed in you. Under your leadership, the 75th Government of independent Finland begins its work today.

The parliamentary elections held in April resulted in an even outcome, which did not give any clear answers, but you managed to form the government in good time.

You will face many expectations, you will be challenged, and you will be put under pressure. Unity and mutual trust are vital in a broad-based government. The Government’s decision-making process is collegial; together you will make decisions and together you will answer for them. Mutual trust within the Government also enhances other people’s trust in the political system.

Just as during the previous Government’s term, global instability will continue. You will be required to be able to respond to rapid changes in the world. When you prove to have this ability, facing the future will feel secure.

What we need is exactly that: a future that feels secure. A continuing climate change, a heavy debt burden or concerns about the sustainability of the pension system are not a part of that. In my opinion, the grand mission of the Finnish Government is to create a framework for security and stability. A framework in which no one needs to abandon their plans, whether those plans involve somebody achieving their full potential, starting a family or having children. Let’s not forget that we still are ranked at the top in the world for almost all positive qualities.

Esteemed Prime Minister and distinguished Members of Government,

Very early in your term of office, at the beginning of July, Finland will take over the Presidency of the European Union. The six-month term will be exceptionally demanding in many ways, but I believe that you will hand over a more functional Union to your successor.

I hope that our cooperation in foreign and security policy will be as close as with your predecessor. For my part, I am ready for a straightforward, useful and pleasant cooperation.

I wish you all strength and wisdom in your work for the good of our country.

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