The new event TsigaBoom! brings circus and fairground entertainment to Messukeskus Helsinki at the turn of the year


TsigaBoom! is a new entertainment event for the entire family that will conquer Helsinki at the turn of the year. Opening from 26 December 2021 to 8 January 2022, TsigaBoom! is created as a co-production between Sirkus Finlandia, Tivoli Sariola and Messukeskus.

For the first time, our national circus Sirkus Finlandia and Tivoli Sariola, which specialises in amusement apparatus and games, are joining forces in this scale. The arena of this unique entertainment experience is Messukeskus, which with its services, location and safety is a top-quality venue in Helsinki.

Sirkus Finlandia brings impressive acrobatics, magic, and clowns to the programme with performances by luminous international circus artists. Tivoli Sariola, on the other hand, fills the high halls of Messukeskus with carousels for the entire family, equipment suitable for the smallest members of the family and numerous wild devices for the youth.

-You can now enjoy circus and funfair entertainment in the middle of the Christmas holiday season. TsigaBoom! combines the magic world of the circus and the wonders of tivoli funfairs in a way that has never before been seen in Finland, says Carl Jernström jr., Director of Sirkus Finlandia.

-The joyful TsigaBoom! entertains, enchants and is suitable for the entire family. We promise our guests a cotton candy scented experience and entertainment that tickles the bottom of your stomach, says Ville Sariola, Managing Director of Tivoli Sariola.

-Messukeskus is suitable as a platform for a wide range of productions. TsigaBoom! is part of a new business area, that we are developing together with our partners. We warmly welcome everyone to enjoy themselves, says Anni Vepsäläinen, Managing Director of Messukeskus.

The performers of the event and the device setting will be published in September. Ticket sales with ticket packages suitable for families, groups and companies will start 1 October 2021.

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