Antilooppi continues investments in renewable energy – two new solar power stations now in operation

With the new solar power stations, Antilooppi takes yet another significant step towards a carbon-neutral real estate portfolio by 2030. The company’s own renewable energy production also responds to customers’ growing expectations for climate-friendly premises.
Antilooppi plans to launch at least six new solar power stations in 2023.
Antilooppi plans to launch at least six new solar power stations in 2023.

Antilooppi has commissioned two new solar power stations, increasing the number of its own solar power stations to six. The solar power stations were commissioned at Tallberginkatu 2 in Ruoholahti and Valimotie 21 in Pitäjänmäki. The solar power station at Tallbergintalo began operating on 10 May 2023 and the station at Valimo 21 on 22 May 2023. The stations are a continuation of Antilooppi’s investments in solar power production with the aim of achieving carbon neutrality in its properties. The company’s first four solar power stations were completed in 2022.

“In addition to improving energy efficiency, our own production of renewable energy is one of the key measures in line with our carbon neutrality roadmap. The solar power stations increases our energy self-sufficiency and produce clean and emission-free electricity for the needs of our properties, and it’s great that Tallbergintalo and Valimo 21 have also got their own power stations. This is yet another concrete step towards the carbon neutrality goal set in our sustainability strategy. This also supports our customers’ sustainability goals and growing expectations for climate change mitigation and sustainable premises,” says Hannamari Koivula, Head of Sustainability at Antilooppi.

Produced by electricity provider Helen, the roof-based solar power stations strengthen the energy self-sufficiency of Antilooppi’s properties and reduce the amount of purchased electricity needed. The station at Tallbergintalo has a total of 70 roof panels and its total power output is 29 kWp. The estimated energy production in the first year is approximately 25 MWh. The station at Valimo 21 has 85 panels and a total power output of 35 kWp. The energy production of the station during the first year is estimated to be 32 MWh. The annual production estimate for all of Antilooppi’s solar power stations built so far is approximately 284 MWh.

Towards carbon neutrality with ambitious goals

Antilooppi plans to launch at least six new solar power stations in 2023. Of these, the station located at Hermannin Rantatie 10 in Verkkosaari is expected to be completed soon. Investigations of the implementation of stations are progressing rapidly at Siltasaari 10 in Hakaniemi, Itämerentalo in Ruoholahti and Merikortteli in Punavuori.

The investments in solar power reflect Antilooppi’s commitment to accelerating the green transition and mitigating climate change. The company is known for its long-term sustainability work and its desire to be at the forefront of promoting sustainable development in the real estate sector. The goal is to achieve a completely carbon-neutral real estate portfolio by 2030.

The company is making determined progress in its sustainability work. All of Antilooppi’s properties use 100% renewable electricity, and the heating of ten properties already comes from renewable energy sources. Antilooppi’s POOL flexible spaces, which are also located at Tallbergintalo, were recently launched as a completely carbon-neutral concept. In addition, the company plans to certify its entire real estate portfolio with the prestigious BREEAM or LEED environmental certification in 2023. Valimo 21 has already been granted the BREEAM In-Use certificate with a ‘Very Good’ rating, and the company now aims to raise it to the ‘Excellent’ level. Tallbergintalo achieved BREEAM certification in May.



Hannamari Koivula, Head of Sustainability and Property Management
tel. +358 40 581 9921


Antilooppi plans to launch at least six new solar power stations in 2023.
Antilooppi plans to launch at least six new solar power stations in 2023.


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