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MEDIA INVITATION: Baltic Sea Science Congress 2023, 21.–25. August. Save the date!

How does climate change affect the Baltic Sea? How does the changes in species composition disturb the marine ecosystem? What is the state of the Baltic Sea? Can AI increase safety in maritime traffic? What are the new threats to our seas?

These questions can be asked from leading experts during the international Baltic Sea Science Congress, which takes place in Helsinki, Finland on the 21.–25. August 2023. Join the BSSC2023 mailing list – and we will inform you right away when the program has been finalized!

Venue: Scandic Marina Congress Center, Helsinki, Finland
Organizers: The Finnish Environment Institute (Syke), the Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI). Partner organizations: The Finnish Prime Minister’s Office, the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the City of Helsinki.

The Congress is furthermore supported by the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES) and is a part of the Finland's national actions for implementing the UN’s Decade of Ocean Science.

Press conference: 21. August 16:30 to 17:30


Keynote speakers:

Dr. Inga Lips is the general secretary of EuroGOOS. Among other her activities, Inga has developed a unique Baltic Sea monitoring protocol combining traditional and automated measurements methods.

Professor Kevin Parnell is a geomorphologist at Tallinn University of Technology. During his career, Kevin has studied tropical coral reefs in Australia. In the Baltic Sea, he has studied the connections between coastal processes and climate change.

Monika Winder is as a professor of marine ecology at Stockholm University. Monika studies the effects of environmental changes on aquatic food web dynamics using network modeling and DNA coding.

Masfrura Musharraf is an assistant professor in the marine technology group at Aalto University, Helsinki. Masfrura applies artificial intelligence technologies, for example, for developing safety in the maritime industry, aiming also to improve the transparency of the algorithms controlling “smart ships”.

For additional information, please contact

Scientific program: Jari Haapala, Research Professor, The Finnish Meteorological Institute ( and Kai Myrberg, Leading Researcher, The Finnish Environment Institute (

Meeting arrangements: Eija Rantajärvi, Coordinator, The Finnish Environment Institute (

Baltic Sea Science Congress 2023




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