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Invitation to press event: Ryoji Ikeda's exhibition at Amos Rex


Welcome to the press event on Tuesday 26 September at 10am.

Welcome to the press event on Tuesday 26 September at 10am. Registration:

Inspired by Amos Rex’s exceptional architecture in Helsinki, Ryoji Ikeda has created an exhibition that cannot be experienced anywhere else.

Ryoji Ikeda takes data that surrounds us and compresses it into large-scale audiovisual works. He brings the world of big data from minute particles and immense bodies of the universe into Amos Rex’s observatory-like space. The exhibited works include two brand new works made specifically for the museum.

The exhibition runs from 27 September 2024 to 25 February 2024 and marks Ikeda’s first solo show in Finland. 

Japanese composer and visual artist Ikeda (b. 1966) works with sound, rhythm, light, scientific imagery, and data visualization. With a background in the electronic music, DJ-ing and composing music, Ikeda brings the method of composing to his work in fine art. Ikeda uses light, sound, and data to create installations that resonate with the space around them.  

New artworks

With Amos Rex’s unique architecture in mind, Ikeda has created two new works for the exhibition, mass and spin. On the floor of the exhibition space, the black and white video projection, mass, flashes at the feet of the viewer. Above, in the skylight of one of Amos Rex’s domes is spin, a kinetic laser sculpture that repeats infinitely what appears to be the Möbius loop. 

"My basic standpoint in working is to respect given spaces first, and to optimize my works site-specifically. I respectfully follow this line of thinking in my exhibition at Amos Rex. Two new works are site-specifically dedicated to the space. It will be hard to show them in any other space,” says Ikeda. 

Ikeda’s large scale projections data-verse 1 & 2 (2019) divide the museum’s main domed space in half. Drawing from fifteen years of research gathered from scientific institutions including NASA and CERN, the works show a perspective from the microscopic to macroscopic levels all the way to galaxies and unfathomable magnitudes. The viewer appears minute in front of the projection and in the face of the cascading volume of data. 

For Amos Rex’ exhibition Ikeda has selected nine thematic perspectives from the large data.gram -series which are shown together for the first time in data.gram [n°5] (2023). The work reminds us of the simultaneous, fragmented structure of the data that we constantly encounter in today’s information society. 

While the material is complex, the experience of the exhibition is immediate as the works are visually, sonically, even physically striking. All five works in the exhibition are part of the artist’s broader exploration of the universe of data and the limits of perception. The exhibition is curated by Terhi Tuomi from Amos Rex. 

During the exhibition, visitors can explore data collection and processing in practice in Amos Rex’s workshop space. A data processing workshop will progress on a translucent wall where anyone can add, move, or delete data points as they see fit.




Ryoji Ikeda: data-verse 2 (2019) © Ryoji Ikeda & Audemars Piguet Contemporary
Ryoji Ikeda: data-verse 2 (2019) © Ryoji Ikeda & Audemars Piguet Contemporary
Ryoji Ikeda: data-verse 2 (2019) © Ryoji Ikeda & Audemars Piguet Contemporary
Ryoji Ikeda: data-verse 2 (2019) © Ryoji Ikeda & Audemars Piguet Contemporary


Amos Rex is an art museum where the past, present and future meet. Located within the functionalist landmark of Lasipalatsi, the newly built domed exhibition spaces lie under the distinctively undulating Lasipalatsi square. Amos Rex presents site-sensitive, experiential, and often technologically experimental exhibitions by contemporary artists and their Modernist predecessors. Amos Rex is owned by Föreningen Konstsamfundet.  

Mannerheimintie 22–24, 00100 Helsinki


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