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Polarica Sets Industry Standard with Carbon Neutrality Goal for 2035


Polarica Berry Group aims to become the world's first carbon-neutral wild berry company by 2035, a milestone aligned with the company’s new sustainability program.

As outlined in the company’s first sustainability report, published in June 2023, Polarica’s sustainability initiatives include:

  • Emissions Calculations: a detailed calculation of emissions in 2022 that lays the groundwork for targeted reduction strategies.
  • Responsible Practices: Implementing responsible berry picking and other environmental initiatives to minimize Polarica’s ecological footprint.
  • Efficiency Enhancements: Installation of solar panels and optimized production processes to reduce Polarica’s energy usage
  • Future Commitments: Implementing ISO 14001 standards and launching a biodiversity program to further Polarica’s environmental stewardship.

Beyond measuring and minimizing the carbon footprint, Polarica has proactively pursued voluntary climate support initiatives by partnering with Havulatva Oy. Through this collaboration, Polarica is supporting Finland's carbon neutrality targets and investing in Finnish forest-based climate units managed by Havulatva's carbon sequestration system.

Responsible Berry Picking

Addressing recent concerns about wild berry pickers, Polarica reaffirms its commitment to ethical conduct and integrity. The company’s sustainability report transparently outlines its approach to these issues, including a comprehensive human rights assessment and the establishment of a human rights policy in 2023.

As part of its new sustainability program, Polarica has identified four key focus areas to guide its actions: Supply Chain Management, Transparent Business Practices, Empowering People, and Minimizing Environmental Impact. Polarica will share initiatives and updates related to each of these areas in the coming months.

Workforce Empowerment And Supply Chain Integrity

Polarica employs over 200 people in Finland, Sweden, and Poland. “Our greatest asset is our people, both our own and those throughout our value chain,” states Mari Onkamo, CEO of Polarica. "Starting next year, we will actively participate in the training and recruitment processes in Thailand, moving away from complete reliance on third-party outsourcing. Doing so will enhance supply chain transparency and accountability. Our framework for berry picker training, remuneration, and welfare is detailed on Polarica’s website.”

Through these efforts, Polarica hopes to take the lead in bringing about positive change within the berry industry.





Polarica Berry Group

Polarica Berry Group is a Nordic provider of wild berries, garden berries, and fruit-based products. We aspire to be a beacon of positive change in the berry industry through visionary leadership in sustainability, technology, and customer-centricity. Polarica has operations in 3 countries, employs over 200 people, and has headquarters in Haparanda, Sweden.

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