Bright Group

Bright Group Oy has agreed to sell its Installation and Sales & Distribution operations in Finland and Sweden to Audico Holding Oy


Bright Group is a leading provider of event technology services in the Nordics operating in three divisions; Rental, Installation and Sales & Distribution. Audico, a leading provider of audiovisual solutions has acquired the Swedish and Finnish operations of Bright Group’s divi-sions Installation and Sales & Distribution. The acquired operations have a turnover of EUR 20 million (2019) and 65 employees.

Audico has strong presence in the same business areas of Installation and Sales & Distribution and sees a great opportunity for growth in the industry. “The acquisition is accelerating Audi-co’s strategy by reinforcing our market position and expanding our market area within the Nordic countries. The acquisition will significantly reinforce our expertise and enable us to offer the best service in the sector in all AV, communications and event technology solutions. Our maintenance services will also be strengthened in both Finland and Sweden, and we will be in a better position to respond to customers’ requirements in the service business,” says Harri Leiva, Managing Director of Audico Holding Oy.

“I am very impressed with Audico’s strategy, operations and growth and I am confident we have found a great new home for our people and businesses. I want to thank all our employ-ees and wish you all the best with Audico”, says Patrick Svensk, President and CEO of Bright Group.

After the acquisition all operations, employments and partnerships will continue as normal.

Bright Group Oy’s Rental division together with the Norwegian operations of the Installation and Sales & Distribution will remain in the company and the transaction with Audico will have no impact on the remaining operations.

For more information, please contact:
Patrick Svensk
President and CEO
Bright Group +46 70 866 0730

Harri Leiva
Managing Director
Audico Holding Oy 
+358 44 555 9093

Audico is a Finnish company operating in the Nordic countries, the leading audiovisual solutions and services provider in Finland, representative of high-quality AV products and manufacturer of audio and voice evacuation systems. Audico offers businesses and the public sector solutions for auditori-ums and conference rooms, control rooms, hotels, restaurants, shopping centres, business premis-es, exhibition spaces, theatres, schools, churches, sports and event venues and cruise ships. Over 30 years of experience, solid ownership, strong expertise and continuous development of products and services are our keys to success. The Audico Group companies are Audico Systems Oy, Audico Systems AB, Audico Technology Oy and LST Production Oy. The groups turnover before the transaction is roughly EUR 22 million. After the corporate transaction, the company will have 137 employees in Finland and Sweden.

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Bright Group is the leading Nordic provider of event, entertainment and experience services with presence in Norway, Sweden, and Finland. Bright’s key areas of expertise include event technology planning and solutions and creative content production services for different types of events from small company parties to grand galas and arena concerts. Bright Group is owned by CapMan Buyout IX fund and management.

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