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EMMA opens a new digital zone hosting the museum’s varied content online

EMMA Zone is EMMA – Espoo Museum of Modern Art’s new digital online service. It is a platform linked to EMMA’s website where you can find regularly updated videos, interviews, podcasts and articles that offer fresh perspectives on art and design and a wholly new kind of online museum experience that you can enjoy from the comfort of your home.

The new digital service was born out of EMMA’s desire to offer wider audiences convenient access to a centralized bank of artist interviews, topical discussions and content related to the museum’s current art and design exhibitions that anyone can visit anytime from anywhere in the world.

“Alongside the physical experience of visiting a museum, digital services have become an increasingly important part of the work done by museums. We at EMMA are constantly producing high-quality digital content in a variety of formats that we now bring to audiences through EMMA Zone in an approachable, playful and visually inviting way,” enthuses EMMA’s Development Director Saara Suojoki

The EMMA Zone offering is grouped under four categories: Thinking Zone, Behind the Scenes at EMMA, Bubbling Under and Children’s Art Questions. Each zone offers a varied, multivocal package of content about EMMA for you to listen to, watch, read and experience. The concept and idea of dividing the content into four zones service was co-created by EMMA’s test audience and personnel. The concepting project was led by Heljä Franssila, who completed her MBA thesis on the service design process. 

Designed in the style of a zine, the visual identity was created by BOND Design Agency. Zines are small-circulation, self-published magazines that were originally made by cutting, pasting and photocopying. EMMA Zone is a digital reinterpretation of this historically significant analogue medium. The use of blur is a nod to an aesthetic born out of photocopying, and the choice of typography emulates handwritten, individually-made zines. 

Accessibility was a high priority in the design of EMMA Zone, which offers free-of-charge access to multisensory digital content. The service was designed and produced by EMMA’s in-house experts in collaboration with our audiences and partners. We will continue to improve EMMA Zone based on data analysis and user feedback. Please tell us what you think! What inspired you, and what didn’t? Your feedback is valuable to us! Check out EMMA Zone now at www.emmazone.fi.

Information on EMMA’s exhibitions, collections, programme and current events will continue to be available at EMMA’s website: www.emmamuseum.fi. EMMA Zone in turn invites audiences to delve deeper into EMMA’s offering and topical artworld themes free of charge from anywhere in the world.





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EMMA – Espoon modernin taiteen museon kokoelma- ja näyttelytoiminta profiloituu kotimaiseen ja kansainväliseen modernismiin, nykytaiteeseen sekä designiin. EMMA sijaitsee Espoon Tapiolassa, professori Aarno Ruusuvuoren suunnittelemassa betoniarkkitehtuuria edustavassa Näyttelykeskus WeeGeessä. Näyttelytilat ovat pinta-alaltaan Suomen suurimmat, ja pelkistetty moderni arkkitehtuuri tukee EMMAn, Saastamoisen säätiön ja Tapio Wirkkala Rut Bryk Säätiön kokoelmien sekä vaihtuvien näyttelyiden kokemuksellista esittämistä. Tervetuloa!


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INVITATION for media: Press conference on Tues 6 June 10 am (EEST): Pierre Huyghe: Chimeras23.5.2023 16:00:00 EEST | Press Invitation

EMMA – Espoo Museum of Modern Art and Saastamoinen Foundation are proud to open a new exhibition by French artist Pierre Huyghe as a part of their collaborative exhibition series InCollecion. The exhibition will be presented at EMMA – Espoo Museum of Modern Art in the presence of the artist Pierre Huyghe. Please note that the press event will be held live and it will not be streamed or recorded.

INBJUDAN för medierna: Esbos Nelli flyttar till Kalajärvi, torsdag 25.5 kl. 1811.5.2023 11:00:00 EEST | Kutsu

Bronsskulpturen Esbos Nelli som Kerttu Horila har designat för esboborna är EMMAs gåva till Esbo som fyller 50 år som stad. Verket avtäcktes på våren 2022 i Gäddvik. Skulpturen har designats för att vara flyttbar, och tanken är att den ska byta omgivning med jämna mellanrum. På det sättet kan den bli en del av vardagen för så många esbobor som möjligt. Nu flyttar Nelli till Saudarkrokurparken i Kalajärvi. Det är Esbo ungdomsfullmäktige som har valt ut platsen.

Media INVITATION: Join us in celebrating the relocation of Espoo’s Nelli to Kalajärvi on Thursday, May 25, at 6 pm11.5.2023 11:00:00 EEST | Press release

Espoo's Nelli is a bronze sculpture by Kerttu Horila created for the people of Espoo. It was gifted to the City of Espoo by EMMA – Espoo Museum of Modern Art on the occasion of the city’s 50th anniversary. The sculpture was unveiled in the Espoo district of Haukilahti in spring 2022. The nomadic sculpture will be relocated regularly, bringing joy to the daily lives of as many Espoo residents as possible. Nelli’s new home is Saudarkrokur Park in the district of Kalajärvi. Her new location was chosen by the Espoo Youth Council.

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