EnerKey enters into an agreement with Innlandskraft AS


Innlandskraft AS, owned by Norwegian utilities Eidsiva Energi and Gudbrandsdal Energi, and EnerKey, the leading Nordic provider of sustainability and energy management SaaS, have entered into a co-operation agreement. The first phase of the co-operation will start with a pilot project aimed at offering new services for sustainable energy management for Innlandskraft’s end customers.

EnerKey Sustainability and Energy Management System (SEMS) is the leading SaaS in the Nordic countries. Photo: Anssi Kumpula
EnerKey Sustainability and Energy Management System (SEMS) is the leading SaaS in the Nordic countries. Photo: Anssi Kumpula

The weight of sustainability is currently growing strongly globally. Sustainable energy management is required by increasing regulation, but also by companies’ end customers and stakeholders. For many companies, responsibility is also one of the cornerstones of their business strategy.

With EnerKey’s sustainability and energy management platform Powered by EnerKey, energy companies can offer their customers the leading energy management and reporting tools in the Nordic countries with their own branding and logo. EnerKey’s goal is to be a partner in the development of future services for the end customers of energy companies.

“Innlandskraft AS was among the first in Norway to offer energy solutions to private individuals. We have been looking for a partner who can provide our corporate customers a tool for sustainability and energy management and we are very pleased to have started a pilot project with EnerKey. Powered by EnerKey is a very good platform and we look forward to a good cooperation,” comments Maren Kyllingstad, CEO of Innlandskraft AS.

Powered by EnerKey in strong international growth

There has been great interest in the Powered by EnerKey platform solution in Nordic energy companies and utilities. Innlandskraft AS is the first Norwegian energy company to start co-operation with EnerKey. At the same time, Innlandskraft is the first international customer to utilize Powered by EnerKey platform.

“It is great to sign up with an energy company that is one of the leading players in the Norwegian energy market. Innlandskraft’s pilot agreement focus is to address the needs of their end customers. At EnerKey, we want to help organizations manage their energy more sustainably and improve energy efficiency,” comments Jaakko Huhta, Vice President of EnerKey.

“We give our partners and customers concrete tools to demonstrate the impact of sustainable operations. The measures taken through systematic monitoring, reporting and analysis are directly reflected in reduced energy consumption, emissions, waste and better indoor air,” Huhta continues.




Innlandskraft AS, Maren Kyllingstad, tel. +47 959 81 360, maren.kyllingstad@eidsiva.no

EnerKey Oy, Jaakko Huhta tel. +358 400 292 257, jaakko.huhta@enerkey.com


EnerKey Sustainability and Energy Management System (SEMS) is the leading SaaS in the Nordic countries. Photo: Anssi Kumpula
EnerKey Sustainability and Energy Management System (SEMS) is the leading SaaS in the Nordic countries. Photo: Anssi Kumpula

About EnerKey

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EnerKey Sustainability & Energy Management System (SEMS) is the Nordic region’s leading cloud-based SaaS solution for managing energy data and processes. It holds ISO 50001 and ISO 14001 certification. The sustainability features include emissions reporting, waste reporting, traffic fuel monitoring and indoor air quality.

EnerKey SEMS is used by more than 1,000 of our customers. EnerKey manages consumption data generated by more than 100,000 measurement points across 15,000 properties. EnerKey can also be branded with your organisation’s own logo and visual appearance for your customers’ use as a white label platform solution – Powered by EnerKey.

www.enerkey.com/en –  poweredby.enerkey.com


Innlandskraft AS (Eidsiva Energi / Gudbrandsdal Energi)

Innlandskraft AS is Norway’s third largest power supplier with the Gudbrandsdal Energi and Eidisva Energi brands. The company was established in 2016 and is considered to be one of the leading players in both the private and corporate markets. Overall, Innlandskraft AS has a yearly sales volume of 4.6 TWh.

In addition to electricity, Innlandskraft AS is the country’s second-largest supplier of photovoltaic systems (Eidsiva Energi), and also offers electric chargers. The company is also behind the establishment of first and only mobile company in Innlandet; Gudbrandsdal Energi Mobil.



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Norjalaisten Eidsiva Energin ja Gudbrandsdal Energin energiayhtiöiden omistama Innlandskraft AS ja pohjoismaiden johtava vastuullisen energianhallinnan SaaS-palvelun toimittaja EnerKey ovat aloittaneet yhteistyön, jonka tavoitteena on tulevaisuudessa tarjota Innlandskraftin loppuasiakkaille tehokkaat työkalut vastuulliseen energianhallintaan. Yhteistyön ensimmäinen vaihe käynnistyy pilotointihankkeella, jonka tavoitteena on kehittää Innlandskraftin loppuasiakkaille tarjottavia vastuullisuuden ja energianhallinnan palveluita.

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Tampereen Sähkölaitos ja EnerKey ovat solmineet sopimuksen energianhallinnan palveluiden pilotoinnista Tampereen Sähkölaitoksen yritysasiakkaille. Powered by EnerKey -alustaratkaisu mahdollistaa Pohjoismaiden johtavien, älykkäiden ja vastuullisten energianhallinnan palveluiden tarjonnan Tampereen Sähkölaitoksen yritysasiakkaiden käyttöön nopealla aikataululla.

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