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Haaga-Helia to offer more free studies for Ukrainians

Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences wants to show its support to the citizens of Ukraine by offering them more study opportunities. The studies offered are scheduled to begin in the autumn semester and they are completely free of charge for Ukrainians.

Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences offers Ukrainians who have fled to Finland an opportunity to complete free language and marketing studies. A total of eleven more courses have been added to the Finnish Study Path system.

The courses are scheduled to begin between 22.8. and 5.9. and ending on 16.12.2022. The registration period is from Wed 1.6. until Thu 11.8.2022. Most of the implementations will be organized virtually and held in English.

List of new implementations

Free courses starting on 22.8. and ending on 16.12.2022:
Each course has 10 spots, held virtually.

Free courses starting on 22.8. and ending on 14.10.2022:
Each course has 50 spots, held virtually.

Free courses starting on 24.10. and ending on 16.12.2022:
Each course has 50 spots, held virtually.

Free courses for Ukrainian only starting on 5.9. and ending on 16.12.2022:
Both courses have 30 spots, held on campus.

How to enroll in a course

Enrolling in the course is made easy. Instructions: 

1. Get acquainted with the studies. 

2. Enrol by submitting the e-form and verify your eligibility for free-of-charge studies by attaching an image or scanned document of 

  • the decision of temporary protection OR 
  • your residence permit card  

3. If you haven’t received the decision of temporary protection, please attach a copy of your Ukrainian passport. 

4. You will receive information about your studies and studying in Haaga-Helia after the enrolment has ended.  

Do you have questions about the studies or enrolment? Please contact us by email: openuas(at)haaga-helia.fi 




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