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Loopia acquires Planeetta Internet Oy - one of the leading web hosting providers in Northern Europe


Loopia Group AB has today signed an agreement to acquire Planeetta Internet Oy. The business provides sustainable cloud driven webhosting solutions, including e-commerce, to companies of all sizes. For Loopia, this is well aligned with the strategy for growth in the Nordic countries and Central Eastern Europe and another step towards having the scale to provide an even better user experience for our 500 000+ customers.

Planeetta Internet Oy has 20 000 customers and 36 employees in Helsinki, Joensuu and Rovaniemi. In addition to bringing loyal customers and a strong position in the Finnish market, with the brands Planeetta, Ops.Host, Neutech and, Planeetta also brings a broadened product- and services suite to the group, including a website maintenance business and an innovative approach to scalable cloud hosting accounts.

"Backed by Loopia Group, Planeetta will be in a perfect position to continue grow through acquisitions in Finland to further strengthen our position as a leader in sustainable cloud driven webhosting solutions", says Lauri Kasti, founder and Managing Director of Planeetta Internet Oy.

"Planeetta's smart webhosting solutions complement the business in Loopia Group and support our ambition to deliver a superior user experience, technological innovations and outstanding local support to small and medium sized businesses and consumers across Europe", says Sara Laurell, CEO Loopia Group.

After the transaction, Loopia will have around 200 qualified employees in total and 500 000+customers in Scandinavia, Central Eastern Europe, and in a few Western European markets.


For more information, please contact:

Sara Laurell
CEO Loopia Group
+46 72 708 4848


About Planeetta Internet Oy

Planeetta Internet Oy
Planeetta Internet Oy
Mannerheimintie 105
00280 Helsinki

010 5251 440

About Loopia Group
Loopia Group is an innovative European web services and hosting business with its largest operations in Sweden, Finland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Loopia also provides services to customers in Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, the Netherlands, Norway, Serbia and Spain. Our main brands are Loopia, Active24, Websupport and Planeetta. Since June 2018, Loopia Group has been owned by Axcel, a Nordic private equity firm focusing on mid-market companies.

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