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Report by the Development Policy Committee: A global responsibility model needed, covering several parliamentary terms


In the upcoming government formation talks, a more determined approach must be adopted towards global challenges such as climate change and poverty. The Development Policy Committee's response to the challenge is a global responsibility model, which would form a foundation for the conduct of development policy for several parliamentary terms and across administrative boundaries.

In a report (The state of Finland’s development policy in 2019: Global responsibility to be conducted over several government terms and across administrative boundaries), published on 7 May 2019, the Committee explores various options for the foundation of a more long-term and effective development policy.

“Based on our analysis, we propose a global responsibility model, which would consist of such central elements of development policy that are discussed in the programmes of consecutive governments. These could include the goals, priorities and level of funding of development policy, for example. In addition, humanitarian assistance must become an increasingly integral part of development policy,” says Aila Paloniemi, Chair of the Development Policy Committee.

According to the Committee, a long-term policy would help Finland in fulfilling the commitments of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development better than separate programmes prepared for one government term. They have led to volatility and dispersal of the limited resources.

A global responsibility model that emphasises continuity would clarify the role of development policy in the national implementation of sustainable development. It would also bolster multidisciplinary cooperation across administrative and organisational boundaries.

“Continuity needs to be complemented by consistency. Until now, development policy guidelines have applied only to development cooperation. The role of other policy areas and actors must be strengthened and their activities must be integrated into the policy of global responsibility,” says Hanna Sarkkinen (Left Alliance), 1st Vice-Chair of the Development Policy Committee.

The Development Policy Committee considers that it is important that the long-term basis of Finland’s development policy be prepared as openly as possible and its updating is transparent, and that these are discussed in Parliament. The global responsibility model must also include a clear plan for raising the level of Finland’s development cooperation funding to 0.7% of GNI target level, recommended by the UN. “We consider that the 0.7% of GNI must be reached no later than during the next two government terms,” says Saara-Sofia Sirén (National Coalition Party), 2nd Vice-Chair of the Development Policy Committee.

Inquiries: Aila Paloniemi, Chair of the Development Policy Committee, tel. +358 50 511 30 67, and Marikki Stocchetti, Secretary-General of the Development Policy Committee, tel. +358 50 525 8649,

The Development Policy Committee is the only body monitoring and evaluating Finnish development cooperation and policy on a systematic and broad basis. The Government appoints the Committee for each government term. Its members include representatives of parliamentary parties, advocacy organisations, NGOs and universities in the UniPID network.



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