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RiverRecycle partners with APChemi and Pyrotask Energy in India


RiverRecycle announced today that it partners with technology providers Agile Process Chemicals and plastic waste management company Pyrotask Energy. By embedding these partners’ technical capabilities related to pyrolysis of plastic waste into the operations, the project achieves full circularity and is reaching complete financial sustainability.

APChemi and Pyrotask Energy are headquartered in Mumbai and have combined experience of 20 years in pyrolysis based chemical recycling of plastic waste. Pyrotask Energy owns and operates a waste plastic pyrolysis plant with an input capacity of 2,400 tons per year, near Mumbai. APChemi’s patented pyrolysis and purification technology will enable the production of the high-quality plastic pyrolysis oils required by petrochemical industry to produce circular economy plastics, sustainable chemicals and fuels. 

The CEO of RiverRecycle, Mr. Anssi Mikola, stated: “The extensive experience of APChemi and Pyrotask Energy, combined with their thorough understanding of the Mumbai operating environment will significantly speed up the implementation of our holistic solution for river plastics. It is our common goal to turn low-value river plastics into high-value material. Our partners technology caters for this and for new kinds of possibilities as well.” 

The CEO of Agile Process Chemicals, Mr. Suhas Dixit, said: “Partnering with RiverRecycle and Pyrotask Energy gives us the opportunity to create a circular economy for hard-to-recycle plastic waste. We are thrilled to collaborate and build a sustainable end-to-end solution for chemical recycling of Mumbai’s river, ocean and landfill plastic waste.” Mr. Abhinav Todi, the CEO of Pyrotask Energy, added: “Our goals align well with RiverRecycle and APChemi and we are ecstatic to team up and achieve circular economy of plastic waste with them. We see this as an opportunity to research the potential uses of the oils formed in the process and replace current petroleum-based chemicals with our pyrolysis oil.”

To prevent plastic debris from reaching the oceans, RiverRecycle installs proprietary river cleaning technology on the banks of the most polluted streams. The resulting material is then recycled and sold to maintain the overall system.  

The Mithi River Project was inaugurated by Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) in August 2021. The project aims to collect up to 200 tons of waste daily, averting their floating into the ocean. 

For more information, please contact Mr. Anssi Mikola, CEO of Riverrecycle Oy at anssi.mikola@riverrecycle.com or tel. +358-400-453 612.



For more information, please contact Mr. Anssi Mikola, CEO of Riverrecycle Oy at anssi.mikola@riverrecycle.com or tel. +358-400-453 612.


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Riverrecycle Oy (www.riverrecycle.com) was founded in 2019 with the aim of creating financially sustainable solutions to the plastic problem and delivering river cleaning as a free service to affected communities. Headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, RiverRecycle is currently working on sustainable river plastic solutions through projects in Indonesia, India, the Philippines, Bangladesh, Ghana, and Vietnam. 

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