DNA and Kasvu Open continue to work together to support entrepreneurs' digital capabilities


DNA and Kasvu Open have agreed to continue their cooperation with the aim of helping Finnish high-growth enterprises develop their business operations and increase their growth. Promoting digital inclusion is a main theme for DNA in choosing partnerships, and together with Kasvu Open, DNA can effectively promote entrepreneurs' digital business capabilities.

DNA is again this year involved in the free Kasvupolku coaching programme of Kasvu Open.
DNA is again this year involved in the free Kasvupolku coaching programme of Kasvu Open.

DNA is again this year involved in the free Kasvupolku coaching programme of Kasvu Open. DNA's involvement is an excellent way for companies to get tips and feedback on how to develop their digital business.

"The digitalisation of society is accelerating and affects us all, and everyone should have the opportunity to keep up with it, including companies. Through Kasvu Open cooperation, we want to enable a digital leap for entrepreneurs," says Tuukka Toivonen, Vice president of Corporate Business Strategy and Business Management at DNA. 

The partnership between DNA and Kasvu Open is now in its second year. 2020 showed the potential of the cooperation as DNA’s coaches and high-growth entrepreneurs got to know each other and had in-depth discussions about the digital needs of entrepreneurs.

Kasvu Open is a  coaching programme that offers support for business development and growth free of charge. Each high-growth enterprise selected for Kasvu Open's Kasvupolku receives personal support for business and the opportunity to network with the most significant partners in its region and industry. If they so wish, the companies will also be able to compete for the title of Growth Company of the Year. 

Further information for the media:

Tuukka Toivonen, Vice President, Corporate Business Strategy and Business Management,  DNA Plc, tel. +358 (0)44 044 3333, tuukka.toivonen@dna.fi

DNA Corporate Communications, tel. +358 (0)44 044 8000, communications@dna.fi


DNA is again this year involved in the free Kasvupolku coaching programme of Kasvu Open.
DNA is again this year involved in the free Kasvupolku coaching programme of Kasvu Open.


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