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RiverRecycle to implement the largest river plastic recycling operation in the world


RiverRecycle, the largest company in the world to tackle plastic pollution in rivers, has now opened its facilities in the Philippines and Ghana for mechanical recycling and started the land-based collection. With this, RiverRecycle has entered the “full circle” phase of its operations. This pioneering system encompasses cleaning of floating plastic waste from the rivers, mechanical recycling of the collected plastic, and proactive land-based collection.

Previously, RiverRecycle concentrated only on the first part, but now has the full value chain in its command. The cleaning of the river stops the plastic pollution of the oceans and creates the raw material. The land-based collection aims to stop plastic waste from entering the rivers in the first place. 

The recent implementation of mechanical recycling and land-based collection in the Philippines and Ghana marks a significant advancement in RiverRecycle's road to repurpose low value plastic waste on a grand scale. These recycling plants work with 1000 ton annual capacity. Preparations are also made to scale up of the units to cope with the regional need for recycling capacity.

The newly launched building boards by RiverRecycle demonstrate a practical and impactful application of recycled low-value plastic. Available in different sizes, these RiverRecycle boards are designed to reduce environmental pollution by transforming hard-to-recycle waste into useful products.

Anssi Mikola, CEO and founder of RiverRecycle, comments, "We are now able to offer people and companies a means of cleaning up their environment simply by the choice of products they choose. By opting for products crafted from recycled river-collected plastic, businesses and consumers take a step towards a cleaner future."

Today, as the largest river waste recycling company in the world, RiverRecycle remains steadfast in its mission to stem the flow of plastics into our oceans, promoting a cleaner, more sustainable planet for current and future generations.

For more information, please contact Mr Anssi Mikola, CEO of RiverRecycle, at anssi.mikola@riverrecycle.com or tel. +358-400-453 612.



About RiverRecycle

Riverrecycle Oy was founded in 2019 to create financially sustainable solutions to the plastic problem. RiverRecycle is working on sustainable river plastic solutions in Bangladesh, Ghana, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Malaysia. 

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