Antilooppi launches high-quality, ready-to-move offices onto the market, allowing companies and employees to focus on that which is relevant – excellent work and working life


Always Ready offices by Antilooppi create a new category on the premises market. The high-quality, ready-to-move offices are sustainable and easy to use for the companies.

The Always Ready offices are fully designed and built by Antilooppi. There are no similar premises available on the Finnish market at the moment.
The Always Ready offices are fully designed and built by Antilooppi. There are no similar premises available on the Finnish market at the moment.

Antilooppi launches high-quality, ready-to-move offices onto the market under its Always Ready concept. There are no similar premises available on the Finnish market at the moment. The sizes of the premises are under 500 square metres, and they have central locations in properties owned by Antilooppi in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, served by good transport links. The Always Ready offices are fully designed and built by Antilooppi with a view to ensuring high quality, functionality and comfort for the customers and promoting good working life. Currently, the portfolio includes 15 ready-to-move offices, and the aim is to increase the selection.

Always Ready offices cater to companies that need premium spatial solutions that are easily available in the tumult of the world. The energy crisis and inflation cause uncertainty, which makes companies more cautious with their premises decisions and related costs. Meanwhile, the transformation of working life is challenging familiar ways of working. Employees have returned to the office after a long period of remote work, and even though flexible and hybrid arrangements are the new norm, working at the office has become a form of everyday luxury.

“The market is changing rapidly right now. More and more companies are thinking about new, alternative ways to arrange their premises. Not everyone wants to invest their time and energy in renovations. We want to offer the best spatial solution that is as effortless for the companies as possible, while ensuring the highest quality and personnel satisfaction – our turnkey solution is ready for use even at a day’s notice,” Tuomas Sahi, Antilooppi CEO says, continuing:

“You don’t have to wait for the best. The best is already waiting for you.”

The service promise of Always Ready makes office renting as easy as possible for the customer.

“Companies can visit the available premises and choose their favourite, even at a short notice. In an Always Ready office, they immediately see what is on offer. When companies avoid time-consuming selection and alteration processes, they can use the time for more important matters, such as the work community, customer service and good working life,” says Johanna Sarekoski, who is responsible for Antilooppi’s Always Ready concept.

Always Ready offices lead the way in sustainability

Built environments play a crucial role in the mitigation of climate change. In addition to the energy consumption and energy efficiency of buildings, the materials used during their construction and renovation have a notable impact on emissions. At Antilooppi, environmental responsibility and sustainable development are at the core of business. The company focuses on the sustainable and long-term development of its existing properties and is committed to achieving carbon-neutral energy use and construction by 2030. All Antilooppi’s properties will be LEED or BREEAM-certified by 2023.

“The most sustainable form of construction is no construction at all. On the other hand, carrying out repeated large-scale alterations or renting premises that no-one uses is not sustainable,” says Tuomas Sahi, Antilooppi CEO.

Always Ready premises are long lasting and high in quality, made with sustainable and environmentally-friendly materials.

“The materials used at Always Ready offices are premium, long lasting and sustainable,” says Hannamari Koivula, Head of Sustainability and Property Management at Antilooppi.

With its Always Ready concept, Antilooppi wants to challenge the industry to become more sustainable. In Koivula’s view, it is now time to say goodbye to time-consuming alterations.

“This is the most sustainable choice. All space alterations and renovations have environmental impacts and increase the carbon footprint. Choosing an Always Ready office is a way to avoid these. We believe that these high-quality, comfortable and ready-to-move premises can support the brand and values of many companies,” Koivula says, continuing:

“Offering sustainable premises solutions is also a way of supporting and challenging our customers to achieve their sustainability targets.”



Tuomas Sahi
Chief Executive Officer
tel. +358 (0)40 090 7877

Hannamari Koivula
Head of Sustainability and Property Management
tel. +358 (0)40 581 9921

Johanna Sarekoski
Director, Customer Experience & Concept
tel. +358 (0)40 710 8671


The Always Ready offices are fully designed and built by Antilooppi. There are no similar premises available on the Finnish market at the moment.
The Always Ready offices are fully designed and built by Antilooppi. There are no similar premises available on the Finnish market at the moment.


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Antilooppi is a sustainable real estate owner that focuses on office properties in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. We own, develop and manage work environments sustainably and over the long term to enable the success of our customers and wellbeing in the workplace. We create innovative and flexible space solutions for changing working life, based on customers’ needs and operations. We understand that success is created by happy and healthy employees, and are aware of how spaces, the surrounding environment and its services can have an impact on people well-being. We focus on maintaining and developing already existing properties sustainably, extending the life cycle of buildings. Properties always have a close connection to their immediate surroundings – it is especially important for us to develop not just the property, but also its services and the surrounding areas.

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