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Finnish industry organisations in the Life Science field have collaboratively created an internet based mentoring service for start-up companies, fledgling entrepreneurs and researchers interested to commercialise their inventions. The purpose of the service is to share the knowledge of experienced people with beginners and support their business development. The service is offered free of charge.

Mentoring means sharing information and experience with those who are in need of it. There are a number of Finnish mentoring services already in operation, but none of them specialises in the Life Science sector. Finnish industry organisations Pharmaceutical Industry Finland, Healthtech Finland and Finnish Bioindustries decided together with other actors such as Helsinki Innovation Service, Life Science Accelerator/Turku Business Region and IBC Finland to produce a Life Science focused mentoring service.

Due to the special characteristics of the Life Science sector, mentors are required to have knowledge and experience of special subjects such as lengthy product development trajectories, which often require in-depth scientific research and long term venture capital investment. Regulation is also very strict in the Life Science field.

The newly launched Life Science Mentors internet service is offered to all researchers, start-up companies and fledgling entrepreneurs, who need support e.g. in commercialisation of their research, business development, marketing, and management of intellectual property.

The service is internet based and the organisations that provide the service act as moderators, who make matches between mentors and mentorees. Privacy of mentors and mentorees will be carefully protected. The persons who act as mentors are professionals with long experience in Life Science companies and other organisations.

Life Science Mentors  service is open to everybody and it is provided in English language.


Carmela Kantor-Aaltonen, Finnish Bioindustries, tel: +358 50 404 5166
Saara Hassinen, Healthtech Finland, tel: +358 40 531 1661


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Finnish Bioindustries FIB is Finland's biotechnology industry association, established in 1997. It is a private, independent non-profit organisation.

Member companies represent all life science areas, from health care and functional food to biomaterials. In addition industry organisations such as Chemical Industry Federation, Pharma Industry Finland, Finnish Food and Drink Industries' Federation, Finnish Forest Industries Federation and Finnish Crop Protection Association are members of FIB.

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Life Science Mentors - Mentorointipalvelu Suomen Life Science toimijoille11.4.2018 09:00:00 EEST | Tiedote

Suomalaiset Life Science -alan toimialajärjestöt ja fasilitaattorit ovat yhteistyössä rakentaneet nettipohjaisen mentorointipalvelun alan startup -yrittäjille, yrittäjäksi aikoville ja tutkimuksen kaupallistamisesta kiinnostuneille tutkijoille. Palvelun tarkoituksen on välittää alalla pitkään olleiden tietoa ja kokemusta vasta-alkajille ja liiketoiminnan kehittämisessä apua kaipaaville. Palvelu on käyttäjille maksutonta.