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Rapid Tampere joint development challenges announced


A global search for top high-tech growth companies to collaborate with the international industrial companies Sandvik, Kalmar, Caruna and Valmet, has started. The innovation calls have been released by the collaboration accelerator Rapid Tampere, and the challenges deal with controlling physical strain at work, sensor technology, safe working environments and enriching data.

The search for partners is in full speed and will continue until the end of October 2019.

The challenges stem from the everyday of the client companies and the technologies and innovation partners are scouted globally.

Rapid Tampere challenges are:

  • Wellbeing at work and ensuring health: The upkeep of work performance and enhancing physical ability in heavy duty work.

  • A protective capsule that withstands varying and demanding circumstances for harsh industrial use.

  • Solutions for safe and smooth operations in autonomic environments.

  • Discovering, understanding and answering customer needs through enriching data.

Quick results

The collaboration partner search is facilitated by the innovation company Vertical. “We are looking for cross-industry solutions that enable breaking into totally new markets,” said Rapid Tampere Project Lead Lars Melakoski from Vertical.

Vertical will invite 30–50 fast growing companies to Tampere, Finland to present concrete collaboration proposals to the client companies. Vertical will also support the companies in creating their joint project plans. The client companies will choose their partners based on the project plan and the goals they have set for the project. The collaboration aims at implementation of the new solution.

”Rapid Tampere is moving forward quickly and we will see concrete results in November already. Plans are in progress for the next joint development round and we are happy to receive ideas about possible new innovation call themes,” said Senior Business Advisor Jouni Myllymäki from the Tampere region economic development agency Business Tampere.

The challenges were announced at the Stream Startup Festival in Tampere, Finland on October 3, 2019 and can be found at

More information about Rapid Tampere collaboration accelerator from the press release published on September 23, 2019:



Rapid Tampere:
Mr. Lars Melakoski, Vertical
+358 50 323 8819

Business Tampere:
Mr. Jouni Myllymäki
Senior Business Advisor, Renewing Industry
+358 50 434 5820


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