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The existing and new partners worldwide are now invited to join the Tampere Health Technology and Life Science ecosystem with their ideas to co-create new innovations.

Photo: Opa Latvala
Photo: Opa Latvala

Tampere is home for a variety of the world-class medical innovations. Tampere health community is a highly innovative network of experts from healthcare institutes, hospitals, research centers, and local businesses from multinational companies to startups operating in the Tampere region.

Tampere University Hospital was very recently ranked among top100 hospitals globally. Now Tampere health business community aims to have its end of the ecosystem recognized in the same level. Given the groundbreaking collaboration between advanced technologies and medical research over the years, Tampere is in an excellent position to make this come true. The existing and new partners worldwide are now invited to join the ecosystem with their ideas to co-create new innovations.

Business Tampere and Tampere University Hospital launch a joint website for Tampere Health Technology and Life Science ecosystem to tell about the opportunities for companies. presents the structure, offering and key stakeholders of the health business community. This helps local companies bring their solutions to the spotlight and find partners. Furthermore, it is a channel for international clients to understand business and R&D opportunities in the Tampere region.

- Tampere has a global scale University Hospital, some of world’s greatest health data assets, almost 5.000 people working on AI, dozens of health companies, 1300 ICT companies, one of the most corporate minded tech campuses in the world and low barriers of entry. This is an exceptional equation for new business, says Harri Ojala, Invest in and Global Operations Director at Business Tampere. 

Business Tampere seeks and supports new clients in establishing partnerships and collaboration with the local health, technology and startup communities. The company is also responsible for the contents and administration of the website.




Photo: Opa Latvala
Photo: Opa Latvala


About Business Tampere

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Business Tampere
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Business Tampere, the Tampere region economic development agency, promotes investments and creates an attractive environment for sustainable business in the region.
We offer you our expertise in business service development, invest in and internationalisation opportunities.

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